Although there have been a few changes to the process of buy to let investments being taxed, investing in a property is the best way of planning for your future.

We will help you find the perfect investment property through our buy to let mortgage solution and provide expert counselling and buy to let mortgage advice in the UK.

Buy To Let Mortgages UK – How do we do it in the best way?

Well, Pearson McKinsey believes in providing nothing but the best financial advice to our clients. We collect relevant tips and advice from our mortgage advisory partners to help you find the best plan that fits all your needs for a buy to let mortgages. 

Before planning to invest in a property, either your first or perhaps an additional buy to let property, there are so many factors you need to consider before choosing a let to buy mortgage, such as:

  • Should I take an interest-only, or should I go for the capital repayment mortgage?
  • Is it better to choose a mortgage with a higher arrangement fee so that the interest is at a lower rate?
  • Which is the best valuation for me?
  • Should the interest rate be fixed or variable?

You may have a buy-to-let mortgage that has not been reviewed for some time, which means the interest rate you are paying at the moment could be reduced by considering a buy to let mortgage.

You can also remortgage to raise additional capital, which you would then use to buy additional properties.

Our advisers are ready to help you find the best deal and move into your new home as soon as possible.


Not only will we sell you a mortgage, but we will also take time to understand your position and what you aim for, and only then make a personalised recommendation on what is most suitable for you.

This recommendation will come from our expert mortgage advisory partners who have experience and proven success in the buy to let market.