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A complex process made simple for you by Pearson McKinsey. Auditing is complicated, especially when many numbers, financial transactions, and completed projects are included. Pearson McKinsey efficiently carries out that part for you.  We tend to work with our clients and provide in-depth insight into your financial requirements.

We conduct an unbiased examination of all our client’s financial accounts to verify that every piece of information is accurate. Our meticulous analysis helps the client to avoid maximum fraud in the best ways. Pearson McKinsey is one of the finest audit firms in east London, and our audit services include recovery and financial auditing. 

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We work not just for you but with you to achieve your financial goals in the best ways. Read about the advantages our clients get when we work as your internal auditors in a collaborative manner:

  1. Auditing and accounting serviceInternal audit and constant support from the subject matter experts. 
  2. We provide our clients with an overall and best in class internal audit function. 
  3. We cover all the board effectiveness assessments. 
  4. Complete planning of Audit. 
  5. Assurance of quality.


Accounting software helps small businesses to manage payrolls, track projects, maintain a CRM, etc. 

Auditing firms are usually audited by another auditing company and, in rare cases, by the partner or employee of that firm itself. 

Auditing is an inspection of a process or quality system that ensures that a company complies with requirements.