HMRC Self-assessment Online

It is 2021, and no one likes time-consuming work, especially when you are a self-employed person. A self-assessment tax return is challenging but not when you have Pearson McKinsey. These days the self-assessment tax return is accessible by all, from self-employed individuals to Company directors who can also claim dividends. Self-assessment has specific guidelines to follow in order to meet the deadlines on a timely basis. Meanwhile, all you need to do is sit back and relax as we undertake that tough job for you.

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Pearson McKinsey works with clients from all over London and assists with all aspects of the self-assessment tax return.  We assure you of all the minute details of your return sufficiently and practically. 

Our self-assessment tax return services are inclusive of:

  • Advising on claims and allowances for your big and small businesses
  • Liaising and dealing with HMRC accurately which providing you with the correct information
  • Advising on payable and non-payable taxes and if there are any disparities. 
  • A complete process of self-assessment on tax return online.
  • Staying in constant touch with you throughout the process while updating you with timely information.