Inheritance Tax Advisor

As Chartered Accountants and wills accountants, we have extensive experience in managing accounts, taxation, wills accountants and be a probate specialist. Everyone is an estate administrator following someone’s death. We lead as the best probate specialist and tax advisor in London. Pearson McKinsey has the expertise to tie up all Probate matters quickly, efficiently and as painlessly as possible and will advise on ways to minimise the Estate’s liability to taxes as much as possible.

“What is Probate?”
Probate is essentially a numerical exercise, i.e a balance sheet of the deceased’s assets (property, possessions, personal funds) and liabilities (debts) on death.

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Probate Services

We will deal with all aspects of Probate and Estate Administration as well as:

  • Research and assess the value of the deceased’s Estate.
  • Prepare Inheritance Tax accounts.
  • Deal with Income and Capital Gains Tax liabilities of the Estate.
  • Gather assets and pay creditors.
  • Advise beneficiaries and executors of the tax implications connected with selling any assets.
  • Prepare tax returns for personal representatives
  • Provide final Estate accounts.

Our Process

Our Fees

Our fees for our services are calculated on a time basis depending on the complexity of the work involved. However, the fee will be capped at 1.5% of the Estate’s gross value (2% in the case of foreign assets). This ‘fee capping’ lets you know the absolute maximum that the job will cost and gives us an incentive to ensure that the work is carried out efficiently with Probate obtained and the Estate’s assets distributed as soon as possible.