Compliance Management Services in London

Pearson McKinsey is UK’s one of the leading compliance consultants in the UK. Our role is to help out firms and businesses to get authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority. We also provide assistance to handle their compliance and administrative obligations.

Our team consists of the best compliance advisors in the UK. All of us together help to minimise the regulatory burden on you, rendering practical and useful advice and solutions that work in the best of interest for your business.

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What does Pearson McKinsey do under Compliance services?

● We offer ongoing Compliance support.
● Assistance in registration and authorization services.
● Reviewing of annual and ongoing Compliance programs.
● Regulatory Reporting


Compliance services ensure that organizations stay up-to-date with government and industry standards. 

HR compliances are associated with legal, safety, and payroll processing, as HR is a composite function. 

Seven steps to improve compliance process: 

  1. Conduct an annual risk analysis 
  2. Update compliance policies at least annually
  3. Monitor security status for accountability 
  4. Have standby response and remediation procedures 
  5. Evaluate mitigation strategies 
  6. Document program improvement 
  7. Update the organization’s risk profile regularly