Payroll Services For Small Business In the UK

Once someone has been assessed as needing support, direct payments can be used to employ personal assistants or home carers, as well as services from home care agencies or other organizations that provide the kind of support you need. Direct payments from social services are made to you or the person you’re looking after so that you can buy care services for yourself rather than having social services provide the care to you. A local authority can provide direct payments to people who are eligible for support. People receiving direct payments can change their minds anytime or request a review if they feel their needs have changed. Direct Payments are made in cash either directly to the person claiming the support or to a representative of their choosing.

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Our Process


We provide consultation for an array of Financial Products:

  • Maintenance of payroll records.
  • Preparation of pay slips to pass to employees.
  • Completion of H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) pay slip for PAYE and National Insurance contributions.
  • Payments to employees.
  • Payments to HMRC.
  • Preparation of end of year PAYE returns and submissions to HMRC.
  • Provision of P60s to employees.
  • Pensions – assessment for PA’s that are eligible for automatic enrolment.
  • Preparation of Contracts of Employment.
  • Dealing with ID checks on employees to ensure right to work in the UK.
We are able to offer you two levels of service

First, our standard payroll service, allows you to keep control of your funding and administration and second, a fully managed service for those who would like us to manage every last detail.

Standard Payroll Service

We ensure that your employees are paid correctly, on time and make sure that you pay the right amount of Tax and National Insurance that the HM Revenue and Customs require you to pay as an employer.If you use standard payroll services:

  • We are not involved with your funding. Your direct payment monies will continue to come to you from your funding agent.
  • You control your money. We cannot access your funds – you pay all employees.
  • We work to your instructions. You supply us with the facts and figures needed.
  • We can change forms/information to suit your needs. If necessary we can amend time sheets to suit your particular requirements.
Fully Managed Payroll Services

The fully managed payroll option provides all the peace of mind of the standard payroll service, but as the name suggests, takes the hassle out of the day-to-day management by controlling your money and your payments for you. Our Services will:

  • Register you with the Inland Revenue as a new employer (if you don’t already employ people).
  • Receive your funds from your local authority, which will be held in our separate client Account.
  • Calculate all Tax and NI contributions on behalf of you and your staff.
  • Make payments to HM Revenue and Customs as required.
  • Make payments to employees as required.
  • Provide pay slips to your employees.