Business Start up Loans and Grants

Commercial loan

At Pearson McKinsey Limited, we offer complete financial consultancy services like grant accounting, business start-up loans and grants, and government business start-up loans, all in one place. As a professional finance firm, we are constantly developing effective financial solutions to meet the capital requirements of our clients. We carefully listen to your problems and offer you appropriate financial products/subsidies advice for your funding circumstance. Our primary purpose is to provide a solution that ensures the sustainable growth of our clients.

Your customised approach helps us describe the dynamics of our client organisations and their business needs to Banking Institutions.

Pearson McKinsey endeavours to provide services as convenient as possible, with the least amount of bother and competitive price. Once we understand your needs, we develop a roadmap to ensure that you can get the best capital amount at the lowest rate possible. After which, we write project reports, budget forecasts, cash flow analyses, company start-up loans and grants, and assist you in creating presentations for banks or securing government subsidies.

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We provide consultation for an array of Financial Products:

Subsidy Solutions


Pearson McKinsey has proven experience and an unprecedented track record in helping clients tap into the myriad of funding opportunities throughout the United Kingdom. Our grant experts help you scan the grant scape and spot the best options for your ambitions.

They provide top-tier proposal development and writing assistance to increase your chances of success while putting the least amount of stress on your personnel. We assess a costing plan and look into available government subsidies best suited for your company’s needs.

Project Funding

Project funding

Project funding and maintaining its finance with utmost sincerity is the best way to sustain your business. Most businesses close within a year or two because they dilute money without keeping track of their financials.

Beyond the possibility of obtaining grants and subsidies, our corporate finance advisors help you tap into private finance and bank lending to establish the optimal funding and finance mix to unlock your innovations.

Working Capital

Capital is required for a firm’s or organization’s day-to-day operations to run smoothly. We empower the organization by securing funds, loans, and grants from various sources. According to the plan, This follows the firms’ stakeholder’s plan, scale, and borrowing capacity. It usually takes the form of Cash Credit or Overdraft Limits or CC and OD limits, respectively.

Term Loans

We simplify the acquiring capital assets in the early phase, which typically has a medium-term repayment time. As the payback stretches out over time, this reduces the organization’s cash flow strain.

We have two stages at which a client can sign on:

Internal Financial Management

Finance and taxation

Has your loans, grants, and finance been arranged?

We can help you with every step of the process, from planning to execution. It begins with an employee meeting, creating a project handbook, and training your project staff. We inform you about all financials, administrative, and reporting requirements you have during your financed project.

We will audit your processes, administration and reports to see if they comply with funding requirements. This includes reviewing your project administration, reviewing final reports, and preparing for an audit by funding providers.

We can also assist you with your government business start-up. This dependable project management meets your funding provider’s requirements and incorporates your existing IT systems.

These services are available separately or as a whole.

Sourcing and Borrowing funds
Borrowing capacity

Are you launching a project or have an original concept that you’d want to pursue? We can map out all of the financial options available for you. It begins with an examination of your goals and objectives.

We cater the funding opportunities to your needs.

Money – Funding – Capital, name it the way you like, is always available for any business. To increase the possibility of getting the desired funds, we will help you draft an application by connecting your goal and funding provider expectations. This practice will result in positive results without harming the integrity of the business. Once the application is ready, we will submit your application and answer all the queries that the funding provider has.


One can opt for three types of funding for a startup: equity funding, debt funding, and government grants. All of this funding has its pros and cons. For instance, equity funding is the most expensive form as it involves no repayment pressure, but you must let go of a stake in your company.

Yes. There are grants available for startups that provide funds and infrastructure so that the startups can carry out their business activities. The Government also offers such grants. 

You can visit the nearest lender’s branch and submit the loan application form and documents.