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Charity organisations are one such organisation that gets no profit but still has to maintain a record of all their financial transactions. Pearson McKinsey has experience of over a decade now working with several charities as a charity accountant in London.

We understand the need and urgency for good charity accountants, and we are here to offer you our services. We know that Charity purposes need different financial services than industrial, commercial, and incidental financial purposes.

Why choose Pearson McKinsey as Charity Accountant?

● We have been in this sector for over a decade, so we are thorough with the varied needs of big to small charity organizations.
● We have a customized process for your charities according to your requirements.
● We spend adequate time understanding your workflow and
accounting needs and work further.

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Charity Accountants

Our Charity Account services:
● Accounting for charities
● Bookkeeping
● Producing annual accounts and trustees report
● Managing the charity’s accounts
● Donor’s reports


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