Taking out a mortgage is a financial devotion that will be with you for decades. This is because, in most cases, our mortgage is the largest monthly payment. It would be helpful if you consider whether you will be able to meet repayment responsibilities if you tolerated a financial burden or whether you should consider mortgage insurance.

Best Mortgage and  Protection Advisor

At Pearson McKinsey, we are here to help you find the right mortgage insurance and income protection. We outstand as the provider of the best mortgage and protection advice. 

You have to think of everything when it comes to mortgages. Even if you may not like the sound of it, for example, if someday, your household’s income has been suddenly lost, would you still be able to pay your mortgage?

The sad truth is, bad situations take over families every day in the UK. No one wants to think about losing their income, no matter the situation, be it temporarily or permanently. This would instantly put us under a financial burden.

There is a wide variety of different protection products to examine, such as life insurance, income protection insurance, and calculating the income level. You will need to cover the essentials you need if you go through a financial crisis.

We will let you know your options and how to proceed if you experience any financial shock.


Our advisers are ready to help you find the best deal and move into your new home as soon as possible.


We have the knowledge and, most importantly, experience to help guide you throughout the whole mortgage labyrinth as a protection and mortgage advisor, aiding you to make the correct decisions and when to make them. Pearson McKinsey believes in giving you true and trustworthy advice and tips, and that is why we also seek guidance from third-party sources before approving the right plans for your profile. We will support you until the day that you pick up the keys to your house.