We specialise in our advisory services and lead you through the process of a remortgage by giving you remortgaging advice and tips. Pearson McKinsey seeks advice from the best advisors, and we guide you with the best plan of action required to solve your issues. 

Remortgage Advice

You might consider remortgaging your home due to the cost, but are you aware of the Remortgage Process in the UK? If not, then we will guide you further. 

For most, if not all of us, a mortgage is the largest monthly payment. If you are not on a mortgage product such as a fixed rate, we recommend checking if a remortgage would suit you better, as it will reduce your monthly payments.

At the moment, interest rates are meagre, so you may want to decide to remortgage it to a fixed rate to protect yourself from any rises in the future in the interest rates. You may have savings in your account getting a low rate, so we will guarantee to make these savings work better for you by looking to remortgage to an offset mortgage.

You may want to increase capital, maybe for home improvement or whatever the reason may be, the better way of doing that is by a remortgage. If this is what you wish to do, we would consider an additional advance from your lender at present and a secured loan before making our last recommendation.

Our advisers are ready to help you find the best deal and move into your new home as soon as possible.


We have the right mortgage advisory partners, the right knowledge and most importantly, in-depth experience to help guide you throughout the whole mortgage labyrinth, aiding you in making well-timed and appropriate decisions. We will support you until the day that you pick up the keys to your house.